Meghan McCain and Joy Behar Spar Over Shutdown: Everyone, ‘Including On this Show,’ Should Act Like Adults!


Meghan McCain and Joy Behar clashed on Thursday during The View‘s discussion on how much blame Democrats bear for the current situation in the government shutdown.

The panel used their A block to talk about Congress’ conduct throughout the shutdown, whether certain representatives are acting responsibly when many of them aren’t suffering nearly as much as furloughed workers. As McCain presented her argument that the shutdown makes both political parties look bad, Behar countered that Trump promised to take the blame for the shutdown, and most of the country is doing that anyway.

McCain tried to get a word in on that point, saying “I know you hate Trump, I know you want him impeached.” Things became increasingly testy however as the two kept talking over each other as they tried to make their arguments.

“I want to ask you a question, let’s not get a cheap applause line,” McCain said in exasperation. “Maybe I can stand there and you can throw tomatoes at the Republican.”

McCain continued to suggest that her colleagues’ disdain for Trump is stopping them from being intellectually honest in discussing the matter, which became a condemnation of everyone playing politics over the shutdown, including the panel.

“People aren’t getting paid. Both sides should be adults about this, including on this show to get it right, and I’m sick of playing politics on this show every day with issues that affect everyone!”

Watch above, via ABC.

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