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The View Derails Over Trump-Biden Feud: You Want Somebody ‘To Beat the Crap Out Of’ POTUS?!

The View Blasts ‘Simple Thinker’ Trump Over Opioid Speech: ‘Build a Wall, Lock Em Up, Kill Them’

The View Goes Off on Trump Attacking Mueller Probe: ‘Where’s Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan?!’

The View Hits Trump For ‘Shocking’ Silence on Stormy Daniels: ‘He’s Very Quiet All of a Sudden’

The View Goes Nuts Over Hillary Comments in India: ‘The Clintons Are a Virus’

Pence Calls on Joy Behar to Apologize for ‘Slander’ on Christian Faith: ‘It Was Never About Me’

Joy Behar Personally Apologizes to Pence After Calling His Christian Faith a ‘Mental Illness’

The View Breaks Down ‘Painful’ WH Briefing on Stormy Daniels: Sarah Sanders is an ‘Amateur Liar’

The View Presses Adam Schiff on Hope Hicks: Can Little White Lies Lead to ‘Little White Perjury?’

The View Shades Ivanka For Defending Dad Against Accusers: ‘You Know She Probably Believes It’

The View Rips CPAC for Jeering McCain, Explosive Rhetoric: ‘You’re Talking About Fascist Conversations’

The View Goes Off The Rails While Debating Concealed Carry: ‘Everybody Just Take a Breath!’

VP Pence Hits Joy Behar and Mainstream Media For ‘Demeaning Terms’ About Faith: ‘I Just Couldn’t Stay Silent’

Outnumbered Gets Into Shouting Match Over Joy Behar’s Pence Remarks: ‘Shameful and Appalling’

Joy Behar Walks Back Comments Mocking Pence For Speaking to Jesus: ‘It Was a Joke’

Joy Behar Wasn’t Wrong to Mock Pence Speaking to Jesus, She Was Wrong to Believe Omarosa

View Debates Whether Jesus Commands Pence: It’s One Thing to Talk to Jesus, Another When He Talks to You

Meghan McCain Goes Off After Joy Behar Says She’s ‘Offended by Republicans’: ‘Oh My God’

Antonio Sabato Jr. Compares Being Blackballed By Hollywood To Holocaust: ‘It’s Happening to Me’

The View Rips Sean Hannity: ‘His Head is So Far Up Trump’s Butt, it Could Give Him a Concussion’

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