MSNBC Guest Suggests Dan Crenshaw Took Ilhan Omar ‘Out of Context’ in ‘Order to Generate More Death Threats’


Republican freshman member of congress Dan Crenshaw of Texas has been a central figure in the ongoing war of words over words spoken by fellow freshman Ilhan Omar of Minnesota about 9/11. In a panel segment on MSNBC, analyst and SiriusXM’s senior director of progressive programming Zerlina Maxwell suggested that he has taken Omar out of context “on purpose” specifically to “generate more death threats” against her.

Maxwell went to Trump before Crenshaw, and started by attacking the statements from Democrats like Speaker Nancy Pelosi for not being specific enough or condemning Trump’s remarks enough.

“We need to clearly and unequivocally support Ilhan Omar. And Donald Trump, the President of these United States, is putting her life in danger on purpose,” she said. “It’s not like he’s accidentally doing this. He’s purposely and intentionally putting her life in danger.”

She explained some of the background, including the death threat against Omar last week, and repeated that “Donald Trump is putting her life in danger.”

“At this moment we need to speak up for Ilhan Omar and defend her. She’s a mother with children and now her life is in danger,” she said.

“Amen to that,” said MSNBC news anchor Alex Witt.

After some discussion between the panelists, Maxwell turned to other Republicans.

She first said that while Omar has said things that “definitely trafficked in tropes, in anti-Semitic tropes,” she has apologized for it and that should settle it. But people like Rep. Kevin McCarthy and Donald Trump Jr. “who literally tweet Nazis” are hypocritical.

And then finally to Crenshaw.

“She apologized and I think that she meant it. And I think that we need to be fair in our critiques instead of being like Dan Crenshaw, who legitimately took her way out of context and then puts his hands up today and acts like he doesn’t know why this happened and why everybody is attacking her now, when he actually ginned up this hate against her,” she said. “The idea that people are so naive they couldn’t expect that, you know, she would get an increase in death threats when they’re taking her words out of context on purpose in order to generate more death threats, I think that’s where we need to put more scrutiny on those folks and their words.”

“So I would say, Alex, we should look at what Dan Crenshaw said and maybe analyze his words and hopefully he will be more careful and with what he is saying in the future.”

“This was a great conversation,” said Witt.

Watch the clip above, courtesy of MSNBC.

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