MSNBC Still Had Breaking News Banner For BuzzFeed Report 21 Hours Later

AG Nominee Barr Was Asked if President Suborning Perjury Would Be Obstruction of Justice. Watch His Response.

House Democrat on Trump’s Letter to Pelosi: He’s Acting Like a ‘Man-Baby’

Throwback Thursday: Lindsey Graham And Laura Ingraham Used to Date

U.S. Attorney Goes Off on Fox News’s Gregg Jarrett’s Call For FBI to Be Shut Down: ‘Malicious’

MSNBC’s Stephanie Ruhle Loudly Wonders If Trump Has ‘Something Pretty Extreme’ on Lindsey Graham to Get His Support

Ex-CIA Chief Brennan: ‘Mike Pompeo Should Be Ashamed’ of Comments in Cairo Speech

Art of the Deal Author Trashes Trump’s Negotiating Prowess: Most of the Deals in That Book Were ‘Failures’

Jeff Flake Reportedly in Talks to Work at CBS News

NBC News: Mueller Near the End of His Investigation

Fox News Scores Massive 8 Million Viewers For Trump Speech, Beating All Cable and Broadcast Networks

If Democrats Were Smart, They’d Make Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez the Face of Their Party

Chris Matthews Slams Trump by Praising ‘Tough Guy’ John Wayne: ‘He Had the Guts to Come Out on the Right’

Jerome Corsi Claims He Deleted Emails Caught in Mueller Probe to ‘Keep an Old Computer Running’

MSNBC’s Hallie Jackson Confronts Mike Pence: Why Not Have a Border Wall With Canada?

Joe Manchin Goes Full George Costanza Trying to Avoid Calling Out Trump: It’s Not a Lie, ‘If He Believes it’

Scarborough Shreds Pence and DHS Sec Nielsen For Lying About Border to Justify Government Shutdown

New York Times Reporter Stuns MSNBC Panel by Arguing Trump Has ‘Drained the Swamp’

‘We Can’t Chill’: Ari Melber Invokes Destiny’s Child to Teach ‘Scrub’ Trump to Pay His Bills

Watch 50 Seconds of Donald Trump and Mitt Romney Absolutely Destroying Each Other

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