O’Reilly’s Jesse Watters Confronts Professor Organizing Anti-Petraeus Protests

On Monday’s O’Reilly Factor, Jesse Watters confronted CUNY Hunter college professor Sandor John over his involvement in protests against the newest faculty member General David Petraeus. Watters followed John into the New York subway just to keep pushing him on how he thinks it’s okay for students to be harassing a decorated veteran like that.

John called Petraeus a “death squad organizer and somebody who organized drone attacks.” When Watters asked, “How do you live with yourself?”, John pointed out he has family who served in the military, but “none of them dedicated their careers to exterminating villages or creating torture camps.”

Watters kept following John into the subway, asking him how he thinks it’s okay to “sic a wild angry mob of students on a decorated war veteran.” When he called the protests “disgusting and despicable,” John asked, “Is this supposed to be a news interview or is this Joseph McCarthy being reincarnated?”

Watch the video below, via Fox News:

[photo via screengrab]

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