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Overexposed Or Unelectable? CNN Poll Reveals Amongst Republicans, Palin Falling Fast

On CNN‘s Anderson Cooper 360, substitute host Randi Kaye led a discussion with liberal professor Marc Lamont Hill and editor Erick Erickson over Sarah Palin‘s falling popularity numbers in a new CNN poll. Is Palin truly unelectable as some of the Republican respondents in the poll believe, or as Erickson suggested, is Palin just currently overexposed?

Hill dismissed Erickson’s defense, saying any attempts for Palin to be taken seriously through trips to Haiti or op-eds on Iran are overshadowed by her reality show and gaffe-filled Twitter behavior (including the controversy over Palin favoriting Hill’s own tweet). Instead Hill boldly predicted “you can write [it] down right now, Mike Huckabee is going to be the nominee, if he runs.” Erickson, however, thought the opposition of fiscal conservatives to Huckabee would be too high of hurdle for him to overcome.

Given that it’s still so early, speculation about who the Republican nominee will be is basically pointless given that one debate performance can often change public opinion over night. Yet it’s still interesting to hear two smart guys like Hill and Erickson theorize about the rationale behind poll results anyways.

Watch the clip from CNN below:

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