Scarborough Bashes GOP Senators for Not Demanding McCain Apology During Trump Meeting: ‘Stand Up!’

Joe Scarborough was not impressed with the Republican lawmakers who met with President Trump and failed to demand an apology from him over crass remarks made by an aide about Sen. John McCain.

Though Mitch McConnell has said that Kelly Sadler should publicly apologize for her comments about the ailing Arizona senator, the Senate majority leader and his colleagues didn’t say a word about this when they had lunch with Trump on Tuesday. As Morning Joe noted how Trump has never said he was sorry for his nasty remarks about McCain, Mika Brzezinski said that demanding an apology from the White House is “like trying to make an apple stop rotting.”

From there, Scarborough tore into the Congressional GOP by arguing that they clearly don’t have the courage to tell Trump man-to-man that he and his team are out of order.

“Not one senator. Not one Republican senator had the nerve, had the guts, had the decency to stand up defend their Senate colleague yesterday,” Scarborough fumed. “Stand up and tell the president to his face that’s out of line. Your staff member, you need to let your staff member apologize and you need to apologize.”

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