Spurned Green Bay Packers Fan Gets Back At ‘Cheating Ex-Boyfriend’ On National TV

Spurned Green Bay Packers Fan Gets Back At 'Cheating Ex-Boyfriend' On TV

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. Especially a woman who owns poster board and a Sharpie and has tickets to an NFL game. That’s what some poor Packers fan is learning today. The dope apparently cheated on his girlfriend who then dumped him and told the world about it at yesterday’s game against the Bears.

God, can you imagine if this guy was watching the game at home with his whole family for Christmas. “Hey, Thomas. Isn’t that that nice Christina girl you used to run with?” “Uh, yes, Grandpa…”

To make matters worse for the cheater, the clip has been getting heavy play all throughout the country during today’s slow news, post-Christmas newscasts. His public shaming has become second only to a man seemingly developing the ability to fly in terms of replayed football highlights.

Let this be a lesson to everyone out there; Don’t cheat. And, if you do, don’t get caught until after the big game.

Below, watch the original clip from NBC’s broadcast of the game. Under that, I’ve included a clip from local WJMN in Michigan to demonstrate just how much legs this thing appears to have.

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