Stacey Abrams Goes All In: Brian Kemp Oversaw ‘Systemic Dismantling of Our Democracy’ in Georgia


Even though Georgia Democrat Stacey Abrams has admitted defeat in the gubernatorial race against Republican Brian Kemp, she’s standing by her view that the election was conducted unfairly, and she intends to do something about it in court.

In an interview on Monday with Chris Hayes on MSNBC’s All In, Abrams was asked to elaborate on her decision not to concede the race in favor of pursuing voter reform litigation. As she spoke about how she considered her various legal options, Abrams decried “the erosion of democracy in Georgia” and put the blame on Kemp, the Georgia secretary of state, for several issues that came up which she believes compromised the voting process.

“It was not a free and fair election. We had thousands of Georgians who were purged from the rolls wrongly…It was not fair to the thousands who were forced to wait in long lines because they were at polling place that’s were under-resourced, or worse, they had no poling places to go to because more than 300 had been closed. It was not fair to the thousands who had been put on hold with their registrations. And it was not fair to those who filled out absentee ballots, and – depending on the county you sent it to – it was either counted or not counted, assuming you received it in time. Brian Kemp oversaw for eight years the systemic dismantling of our democracy, and that meant there could not be free and fair elections in Georgia this year.”

The interview continued with Abrams dismissing concerns about her challenge to the election’s legitimacy, and also her outline for plans to claim in federal court that there was “gross mismanagement.”

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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