Jake Tapper Grills Stacey Abrams Over Election Results as She Refuses to Call Kemp ‘Legitimate’


On CNN’s State of the Union with Jake Tapper on Sunday, recent gubernatorial candidate from Georgia Stacey Abrams refused to accept the legitimacy of winner and Governor-elect Brian Kemp’s victory, or his coming term as “legitimate”.

Tapper brought up the recently very hot topic of questioning the results of elections. He played a clip of Abrams refusing to use the word “concession” when accepting defeat, and brought up her lawsuit over the election results as he introduced her. He then started with the point-blank question.

He asked her, “do you think that there was deliberate interference in the election?”

“Yes,” she replied, and listed prior accusations of “systematic disenfranchisement’ of voters and voter suppression through funding changes. She also brought up what she said were “dramatic discrepancies” in the ballots, and called it “deliberate and intentional.”

Tapper asked about the difference between being removed from the voter rolls in Georgia as compared to other places where they do the same, including in Washington, D.C. Abrams attributed the “deliberate and intentional” disenfranchisement by inactive purging Kemp’s “vigor” in doing so.

Tapper also played the clip of Sen. Sherrod Brown saying the election in Georgia was “stolen” and asked Abrams if she agreed that it was stolen and whether she thinks Brian Kemp is “not the legitimate governor-elect of Georgia.”

Abrams replied that the law, “as is stands, says that he’s received the adequate number of votes,” but did not agree he was legitimate. That continued through several exchanges, as she accused Kemp of having “compromised our democratic systems.”

Asked by Tapper if she thinks her words might “undermine faith in the Democratic process,” Abrams seemed amused but did not agree.

“Not at all, because the words I use are specific,” she said, referring to her accusations of “perfidy” and compromising democracy as “true facts.”

Watch the clip above, courtesy of CNN.

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