TYT Hosts and Eric Bolling Hold Fiery Debate Outside Dem Showdown: ‘I Am Calling You a Liar, and You Know’ It


In Eric Bolling‘s latest installment of America, the conservative commentator winds up locking horns with The Young TurksAna Kasparian and Cenk Uygur during a heated conversation about socialism.

Raw footage obtained by Mediaite from The Young Turks and a preview released by The Blaze shows Kasparian accusing Bolling of not giving her a chance to answer his questions when he spoke to her in Miami.

“He keeps taking the mic away because he knows I have answers to his questions,” Kasparian said to the camera.

Bolling asked Kasparian to name a society that has thrived under a socialist government, The Young Turks commentator referred to Norway and Sweden. But the Blaze host rejected those answers while invoking Venezuela and Cuba. Kasparian switched gears by launching into an argument for why Venezuela is a flawed example of a socialist society, but when Bolling interrupted her to declare “socialism fails,” Kasparian shot back “that is not socialism!”

Before Kasparian could finish her argument, Bolling turned the mic to Uygur and started asking him to name a society that benefitted from socialism. When Uygur echoed Kasparian by citing Norway and Sweden, Bolling again refused to accept those answers, saying those nations are “quasi-socialist, they’re socialized medicine.”

From there, Bolling and Uygur disputed each other over the differences between communism and democratic socialism, which segued into a clash about socialism enabling the growth of big government. As Uygur argued that America is a “mixed economy” and explained the difference between public programs and socialized ones like Medicare and Social Security, Bolling shot back, “people like free stuff.”

“It’s their taxpayer money” Kasparian interjected.

Bolling and Kasparian went on to debate the GOP’s tax cuts, and whether the country’s job growth is connected to actual wage growth. Kasparian accused Bolling of lying about jobs being able to keep up with inflation, and the conversation collapsed soon after she stood her ground and restated “I am calling you a liar, and you know you’re a liar!”

Watch above, via The Young Turks.

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