Cenk Uygur

Cenk Uygur: Border Wall is the ‘Physical Manifestation of Conservative Voters’ Cowardice’

Cenk Uygur Suggests Mattis Exit a Sign Trump is ‘Still’ Talking to the Russians: Is He ‘Stupid Enough’ to Do That?

Cenk Uygur Defends Tucker Carlson Over Advertiser Boycott: ‘Let the Audience Make That Decision’

Cenk Uygur Mocks CNN’s 2020 Rankings: ‘Zero Percent Chance’ Booker and Klobuchar Win

Cenk Uygur Does Something ‘Totally Unexpected’ and Credits Fox’s Brian Kilmeade for ‘Tough’ Pompeo Interview

Cenk Uygur to Chief of Staff John Kelly: ‘Fascism Began Under Your Watch’

Cenk Uygur Calls Out Brian Stelter for Lack of Attention to Ocasio-Cortez Candidacy: ‘You Guys Weren’t There for Her’

Cenk Uygur: Avenatti Should Sue TMZ; Harvey Levin is a ‘Clear, Biased, Trump-Supporting Clown’

The Young Turks’ Cenk Uygur Argues: ‘The Bible is Actually Pro-Abortion’

Cenk Uygur Defends CNN’s Don Lemon: ‘Only an Idiot’ Would Think He Was Saying All White People are Terrorists

The Young Turks Ask Whether Trump’s Children Will Lose U.S. Citizenship With His Executive Order: ‘Send ’em Back’

Watch Charlie Kirk Try to Fight Cenk Uygur at Politicon: ‘Come On Cenk, Let’s Go!’

The Young Turks Responds to ‘Classless’ Olivia Munn Comments: ‘We Had The Wrong Facts’

‘F*ck Kid Rock’: Cenk Uygur Blasts Musician For Equating Black Lives Matter to Nazis

Cenk Uygur Goes There With Porn Star Jenna Jameson: ‘I Remember Watching you Getting Destroyed, Too’

Cenk Uygur Gets Rough Reception After Putting Down Audience In Debate with Ben Shapiro

‘Another Turkish-American Kicking Alex Jones’s Ass!’ Cenk Uygur Reacts to Chobani Lawsuit Settlement

Cenk Uygur Knocks MSNBC Over George Will Hire

‘Means Absolutely Nothing’: Cenk Uygur Slams Ivanka Trump’s ‘Voluntary’ White House Role

Joe Piscopo to Mediaite: All the News About Possible Russian Collusion Is ‘Comical’ and ‘Ridiculous’

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