comScore Boris Johnson Hides in Dairy Fridge to Avoid Interview

Watch Boris Johnson Hide in a Dairy Freezer to Avoid a Piers Morgan Interview

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson appears to have gone to great and surprising lengths to avoid answering questions from Piers Morgan.

Johnson was at the Modern Milkman dairy company in Yorkshire for a photoshoot on the eve of the U.K.’s general election. ITV Correspondent Jonathan Swain spotted the prime minister during the event, but when he tried to get close and ask Johnson if he will ever come on Good Morning Britain, Swain was intercepted by Johnson’s press secretary, Rob Oxley, who seemed to say “oh for fuck’s sake.”

Morgan and co-host Susanna Reid were stunned by that moment as they watched in-studio, but Swain continued to pursue the PM. After several more tense moments, Swain got close enough to Johnson to ask his question. Instead of answering though, Johnson told Swain “I’ll be with you in a second” before he walked off into a freezer full of milk bottles.

Johnson never did return for an interview, but Conservative Party sources insisted to The Guardian that Johnson was “categorically not hiding,” but was being prepped for a separate, pre-planned interview. Sources have also insisted to The Mirror that Oxley was venting “general frustration” during the encounter and was not directing his expletive toward Swain specifically.

Watch above, via The Guardian.

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