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Watch the Creepy Propaganda Video Trump Made for Kim Jong Un: ‘Two Men, Two Leaders, One Destiny’

During Donald Trump‘s meeting with Kim Jong Un, the U.S. president apparently presented his North Korean counterpart with a really weird video of what his country could look like on the international stage.

The video was first presented to Kim and his entourage during yesterday’s bilateral summit, though it was also shown to reporters when Trump held a press conference after the meeting was over. The video presents Kim and Trump as leaders who can “renew their homeland and change the course of history” on a grand scale.

“The past doesn’t have to be the future,” the voiceover says. “Two men, two leaders, one destiny.”

The video depicts North Korea as the industrialized, prosperous and advanced nation it could be if they establish a peaceful relationship with the rest of the world. Amid skyscrapers, new technologies, and visions of a bright future, the film concludes by saying Kim could be a “hero to his people” if he chooses to works with Trump and other international leaders.

Trump faced questions about whether this video could be used as North Korean propaganda since it shows Kim in a positive light. The president said he was “not concerned at all” about that, saying Kim seemed to enjoy the video.

Watch above.

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