WATCH: Woman Arrested and Dragged From Trump Rally Over ‘I Can’t Breathe’ Shirt, Live on MSNBC


In Tulsa, a woman was arrested as she attempted to enter President Donald Trump‘s campaign rally while wearing black t-shirt with the words “I can’t breathe” printed on it, a reference to the killing of George Floyd in Minnesota which sparked nationwide protests. The arrest was caught live on air by MSNBC.

The full live airing of the arrest is embedded above. Below is a shorter clip, as anchor Alex Witt describes the incident and shows a trimmed set of clips.

Witt then spoke with the reporter on the scene, Morgan Chesky, who provided some more detail.

In the full clip, you can hear the woman, who is seated and refusing to leave, telling officers that she has “the right” to be there after she was told to leave by staffers. She was reportedly taken out of line because of her shirt and asked to leave. When she objected that she has a ticket for the event, the staffer insisted that she must leave anyway because of the shirt, which memorialized the death of George Floyd at the hands of police but had no other message on it.

That staffer then apparently got the police involved, and that’s when the whole thing began to unfold on air.

“They can ask whoever they want to leave, to leave,” said on officer wearing a mask, whom Witt criticized for not being six feet away from the protester. “Are you going to make us force you out?” another officer asked her, and she said she would.

“This woman is saying she’s got a right to be there, which of course she does,” editorialized Witt.

Witt continues to narrate as the events unfold, describing the situation live as it happened on air. At one point, when the woman was doing interviews, Witt speculated about things not “ending well” for the protester.

“Abiding by all the rules, yes, but do you worry that this could potentially not end well for her? For this demonstrator?” she asked her guest, NAACP president Derek Johnson, who said that yes, he does worry.

Eventually police decide that they are going to arrest her for trespassing, and the arrest itself takes place on air.

Watch the whole incident above, in brief or in full, courtesy of MSNBC.

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