White House Spokesman Insists Trump Said He Would Inform the FBI About Foreign Dirt


There was a clean-up effort Thursday at aisle: Fox News, when White House spokesman Hogan Gidley insisted President Donald Trump was clear that he would inform the FBI if foreign intelligence reached out with dirt on his 2020 opponent.

Trump is under fire by critics for telling ABC News “I think I’d take” foreign dirt on his opponents. Trump said he might take the information to the FBI “if I thought there was something wrong”:

When asked about FBI Director Christopher Wray stating that campaigns should report foreign meddling, Trump replied: “The FBI director is wrong, because frankly it doesn’t happen like that in life.”

When asked about this Gidley promptly launched into the go-to argument about the Hillary Clinton-Fusion GPS connection, and he argued that the real issue was the FBI’s “corruption” instead of “some ridiculous meeting that lasted a brief amount of time.” Gidley was presented with old remarks of Brian Fallon saying he would’ve verified the Steele dossiers’ contents if he could have at the time, so the White House deputy press secretary leapt and said “the hypocrisy here knows no bounds from the Democrats and media.”

“It’s absolutely ridiculous,” Gidley fumed. “There’s been no collusion, no corruption, no obstruction. We know that for a fact and the media continues to nitpick and take things out of context this president says.”

When Sandra Smith noted Trump’s contradiction of the FBI chief, Gidley argued Trump said  “he would do both” in terms of listening to the foreign dirt and contacting the bureau.

“He was very clear,” Gidley said. “If he got information and it was nefarious or ill gotten in any way and it was wrongdoing he would absolutely take it to the FBI.”

“The president responded the FBI Director is wrong,” Smith countered.

Gidley continued to stand by his talking point, saying “the president said he would do that if there was wrongdoing. That’s a question for the campaign obviously. The president was very clear here and for the media to go down this rabbit hole is just ridiculous.”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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