Disturbing Video Emerges of Subway Rider Spraying Asian Passenger With Febreze In Possible Hate Crime: ‘You Better Move!’


The NYPD is looking into a shocking video of a man spraying Febreze at a fellow subway passenger in an incident that is being investigated as a possible coronavirus-related hate crime.

“I don’t want him under me,” the aggressor screamed in the direction of an Asian passenger on the N train. “Tell him to move, tell him to move … he’s standing right f*cking next to me! … tell him to move,” he demanded, later yelling, “You’re not gonna move? … You better move!”

When the victim did not move, the assailant picked up a bottle of Febreze and began to spray it at him while slowly backing away as he continued to demand that the Asian man “move.”

A subsequent video shows fellow passengers did not interfere until the victim confronted his assailant while asking, “why can’t I sit next to you?”

He was quickly pulled away by someone who was likely concerned for his safety, as the perpetrator threatened, “You better move – you’re being dumb right now. You’re being dumb.”

Actor Celia Au posted the video on Twitter and clarified, “There’s not a single confirmed case of an Asian infected in NYC,” adding, “Stop discriminating cause the virus definitely doesn’t.”

The MTA retweeted the video and labeled the incident as racist, explaining that is not the way to stop the spread of coronavirus.

“What works in stopping the spread of Coronavirus: 1. Wash your hands for at least 20 seconds. 2. Cough and sneeze into your elbow. 3. Stay home if you’re sick. What doesn’t work: 1. Racism” the MTA tweet read.

Watch the incident above.

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