Onion Smugglers Caught in Norway

In a plot literally ripped from Game of Thrones (and we mean literally), two Norwegians were caught attempting to smuggle one ton of illegal onions and carrots into the Scandinavian country.

According to The Local, “onion” is not a Norwegian euphemism for “methamphetamine” or “sex worker” or “uranium,” but rather, it is that root vegetable that we put in our food that occasionally makes us cry. Yes. The vegetable.

So why did Norwegian authorities freak out at the border when they came across a truck of hidden onions and carrots?

It is only permitted to bring a maximum of 10 kilograms of vegetables across the border into Norway without paying duty, and anyway [Einar Bødker from Norwegian Customs] said he did not believe that the vegetables were for personal consumption.

Remember, this is the country that arrested two Swedes in 2011 for attempting to smuggle butter into Norway. This, plus the latest onion and carrot incident, has led us believe that there’s a giant underground mirepoix cartel in Norway.

[The Local]

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