WATCH: Michael Voltaggio and Eddie Huang Have the Age-Old “New York vs. LA” Debate

What’s better? New York or L.A.? Ask people in either city, and you will get into an hours-long discussion that sounds something like this “the weather…but yeah, the traffic…but the rent is so high there! But also the industry. Yeah, the industry…traffic.” K, glad we had that talk. Pretty sure we’ve covered it all!

Michael Voltaggio and Eddie Huang debated the food scenes in New York and Los Angeles for a feature in The Hollywood Reporter‘s New York issue. Unsurprisingly, everyone can agree that L.A. has better sushi, especially at reasonable price points. New York city has better five-star fine dining, and also better customers. They show up on time for their 7:00pm reservations. Voltaggio said that “in L.A, it’s like, ‘OK, cool. I’ll take that reservation, but I’ll show up whenever I want.'”

Watch the video below:


[Image via Screen Grab]

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