Kellyanne Conway Lashes Out When Accused of ‘Threatening’ Reporter: ‘When I Threaten Someone, You’ll Know It!’


Trump White House counselor Kellyanne Conway lashed out during a gaggle when she was asked why she “threatened” a reporter from The Washington Examiner, telling the assembled press “When I threaten someone, you’ll know it!”

On Friday morning, Conway took questions on the driveway leading to the West Wing of the White House, and was pressed about the recording of a phone call with Examiner reporter  Caitlin Yilek in which Conway said she would begin to “cover” Yilek’s personal life if the reporter continued to cover Conway’s.

“Was it appropriate to threaten that reporter?” Conway was asked.

“I didn’t threaten, I didn’t threaten anyone, don’t use those words,” Conway said.

“You said you want to cover her personal life, that seems like an implied threat,” the reporter said.

“No no, I didn’t threaten, it’s not a threat, I never threatened her, don’t use…” Conway protested.

“So what does that mean, ‘cover her personal life’?” the reporter asked.

“Excuse me don’t use that word if it’s not true, do not, If I threaten somebody you’ll know it. If I threaten someone you’ll know it. Okay?” Conway said.

Asked, again, what she meant, Conway said “I think it’s very obvious.”

“It seems obvious as a threat to dig into her personal life,” another reporter said.

“Dig in? Who cares? You don’t even know her name, you guys don’t even…” Conway said, as someone interjected, “Her name is Caitlin, I believe.”

“Well, now you know her name,” Conway said, then delivered a lengthy retread of her criticisms of Yilek.

A few minutes later, Conway steered the subject back to Yilek, was again asked what she meant by her apparent threat, and again did not answer.

Watch the clip above, via C-Span.

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