comScore MSNBC Reports Bernie Sanders With 'Significant' Nevada Lead

MSNBC Nevada Caucus Report: ‘Too Early to Call,’ But Sanders Holds ‘Significant Lead’

MSNBC’s Brian Williams opened coverage on the 2020 Democratic Caucus in Nevada with an early forecast that Senator Bernie Sanders has a dramatic lead in the initial tallies.

On Saturday, Williams said it was “too early to call,” even as he announced that MSNBC’s first “characterization” of the caucus results show Sanders “has a significant lead in the initial preference results based on early entrance polls.”

“That is our early determination: too early to call, but, Bernie Sanders, we feel, has taken a significant lead in early entrance polling,” Williams elaborated.

To further elaborate, Williams had Steve Kornacki broke down the entrance polls. Kornacki highlighted how all of the top candidates have secured double digits among older voters who voted early, but among younger voters, Sanders had a commanding lead among his rivals.

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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