Trump Blasts Cuomo for ‘Complaining’ About Lack of Federal Funding: ‘Get Out There and Get The Job Done. Stop Talking!’

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President Donald Trump ripped Governor Andrew Cuomo (D-NY) for “complaining” about the federal government “passing the buck without passing the bucks” — a comment which New York’s chief executive made at a news conference on Friday.

“Governor Cuomo should spend more time “doing” and less time “complaining.” Get out there and get the job done. Stop talking!” Trump fired back at the remarks in a tweet.

The president continued by stating that “New York far more money, help, and equipment than any other state.”

Cuomo declared Friday at the press conference that both Trump and the federal government are placing the burden and finical responsibility on individual states – but not subsidizing the grants to carry such measure out.

“Don’t ask the states to do this, it’s up to the governors, up to the governors, up to the governors, okay. Is there any funding so I can do these things that you want us to do? Cuomo stated. “No. That is passing the buck without passing the bucks.”

“Passing the buck, which is the opposite of the buck stops here, the buck doesn’t stop here, I’m passing the buck, and I’m not passing the bucks. I’m not giving the financial assistance to actually perform the responsibility,” the governor added.

As of Friday afternoon, Trump sent out another tweet aimed at Cuomo for “ridiculously” wanting “40 thousand Ventilators.”

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