Tucker Carlson Fires Back at ‘Creepy Little Demagogue’ Rep. Brad Schneider, Who Is Pushing ‘Domestic Terrorism’ Crackdown Bill


Tucker Carlson fired back at “creepy little demagogue” Rep. Brad Schneider (D-IL), after the congressman called out the Fox host in defense of his domestic terrorism crackdown bill.

During his Thursday night show, Carlson responded at length to a tweet from Schneider, who shared a clip from the Fox host’s Wednesday night show. In the wake of the violent, Capitol insurrection that resulted in the death of five people, including one police officer, Schneider hit back at Carlson for opposing increased monitoring of violent, domestic extremists, clearly suggesting the Fox host wasn’t concerned about the deaths.

“On January 6th, there was political violence on the capital and we opposed that,” Carlson said in response. “One thing that we oppose every bit as much is the destruction of civil liberties that make this America, make this a country would want to live in. Now, that point used to be uncontroversial, particularly on the left. But now, outside of a handful of principled, mostly far left figures, none of the self-described liberals in the Congress will say this out loud. Instead they are moving in the other direction at high speed. Democrats are rushing to embrace a new surveillance state in the wake of the January 6th insurrection, using that as a pretext for creating a new secret police force, not making that up.”

“We told you about this last night and we mentioned specifically a member of Congress from Illinois, a character called Brad Schneider,” Carlson went on. “Schneider says he’d like to pass something called the Domestic Terrorism Prevention Act. Apparently, Brad Schneider was watching last night.”

Flashing an image of Schneider and then the tweet on-screen, Carlson lashed out, saying: “Is this the guy you want in charge of preventing domestic terrorism?”

In fact, Schneider’s bill, H.R. 1931, which he introduced in March 2019 and currently has 33 co-sponsors, would not put him “in charge of preventing domestic terrorism.” Instead, his legislation cites a rash of deadly far right and white supremacist attacks — much like the one that laid siege to the Capitol two weeks earlier — to call for DHS, DOJ, and the FBI to create dedicated “domestic terrorism units” to crackdown on extremist violence from those groups.

“Riiiight,” Carlson snarked, at Schneider’s tweet accusation. “Now, if this all sounds familiar, it is because every time something like this happens, creepy little demagogues like Brad Schneider rush to the microphone and say ‘I’m sorry, you can’t be free anymore.’ It happened after 9/11.”

Carlson then noted another member of Congress, Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick (R-PA), a former FBI agent, said the country should respond with the same “never again” attitude to the Capitol insurrection in the same way that it did after the 9/11 terror attacks.

After a clip of Fitzpatrick making the case, the Fox host erupted with a series of angry questions.

“What?! Who is this guy?! Why is he in Congress?! We think he is a Republican, by the way. Who cares! That’s insulting,” Carlson ranted. “What happened on January 6th was on videotape. You saw it. It was bad. We denounced it and we’ll denounce again every day because, who cares, we feel that way. But if you compare it to 9/11 you’re a liar and you have an agenda.”

Watch the video above, via Fox News.

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