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Scarborough Rips Tucker Carlson For Declaring ‘War’ on Media: Fox News Has ‘Swallowed the President’s Lies’

Tucker Carlson and Radio Host Tammy Bruce Gush Over Trump Rally: ‘Incredible Crowd’

Baltimore Sun Critic Skewers Fox News as Trump’s ‘Propaganda Puppets’: Like We’re in ‘Communist Country’

Trevor Noah Slams Trump’s ‘TV Cabinet’ Laura Ingraham, Tucker Carlson Over Immigration: ‘What The F**k’

Tucker Carlson Rips Trump Critics For ‘Preening’ Over Border Policy: ‘Their Goal is to Change Your Country Forever’

Seth MacFarlane Rips Tucker Carlson For Anti-Media Tirade: Makes Me ‘Embarrassed to Work For’ Fox

Roger Stone Calls the Mueller Probe ‘Orwellian’: ‘I’m Being Persecuted’ For Supporting Trump

Tucker Carlson Mockingly Reacts to Manafort Going to Jail: ‘Unchain the Door… We’re Safe’

Tucker Carlson Loses Cool on Guest, Calls Him ‘Stupid Person,’ Cuts Off Interview: ‘You Know Nothing!’

Tucker Carlson Battles Fmr Obama Advisor: Why’s Russia a ‘More Imminent Threat’ Than Mexico?

Tucker Carlson Endorses Giuliani’s Claim That We Should Not Respect Porn Stars

Richard Painter Battles Tucker Carlson Over ‘Spygate’: Is Fox ‘a News Channel or a Fiction Channel?’

Pamela Anderson Defends Julian Assange to Tucker Carlson: He Wasn’t Trying to ‘Get Trump Elected’

Tucker Carlson Asks: Will NBC Pay Back Taxpayers for FBI Probe of Joy Reid’s ‘Hacked’ Blog?

Tucker Carlson Blasts MSNBC’s ‘Everyday Racism’ Special For Racism

Tucker Carlson Mocks Newly Uncovered Joy Reid Blog Posts: ‘Like a Prophet Calling for America First Policies’

Tucker Carlson Slams The Media, Lindsey Graham For Refuting Spygate: ‘They’re Liars’

Is the FBI Informant a Spy? It Depends on Your Media Outlet

Tucker Carlson Battles Ex-Clinton Aide Over Voter Fraud: ‘Democrats Like Loose Voting Rules’

Tucker Carlson Guest Says LGBT Resistance is Trolling Trump With Stormy Daniels Day

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