Tucker Carlson

Shame on Mediaite: Tucker Carlson Is Not A White Nationalist, Not Even Close

Tucker Carlson Isn’t Even Trying to Hide His White Nationalist Leanings Anymore

Watch Tucker Carlson and Rob Reiner Have a Passive-Aggressive Contest in Tense Russia Debate

Curt Schilling: Conservatives at ESPN ‘Were Afraid to Be Found Out’

Yes, Tucker Carlson Really Interviewed a Witch Tonight: ‘Is Eye of Newt an Actual Thing?’

Tucker Carlson Calls Issa Rae ‘Divisive’ for Saying ‘I’m Rooting for Everybody Black’ at Emmys

Tucker Carlson: Trump Loves Watching TV Because Programming Is More Accurate Than Polling

Tucker Carlson Schools Overmatched Antifa Activist: ‘Are You Really a Professor?’

Alan Dershowitz: If Ben Shapiro Doesn’t Speak, The First Amendment Loses ‘Tremendous’ Battle

Tucker Carlson Blasts ESPN Following Jemele Hill Controversy: ‘Endless Stupid Political Nagging’

Tucker Carlson: ‘Factually Insane’ for Clinton to Say Trump Inauguration Speech Was White Nationalist

Jeffrey Lord Trashes CNN on Fox News: ‘I Called Out People By Name and Got Fired For It’

Tucker Carlson Clashes With Dem Rep Over DACA: ‘You’re in Congress, What’s YOUR Answer?’

Tucker Carlson Shames GOPers Who Back DACA: ‘Their Campaign Pledges Were Lies’

Tucker Carlson Accuses CNN’s W. Kamau Bell of ‘Peddling Hate’ in Rally Speech

Tucker Carlson Devotes Show’s Only Hurricane-Focused Segment to Looting

Tucker Carlson Battles Democratic Strategist on Black Lives Matter: ‘It’s the Definition of Racism’

Tammy Bruce and Tucker Carlson Rip Critics of Melania Trump’s Heels: ‘They Are Harpies’

Tucker Carlson: How Can NFL Owners Be Racist If 70% of Players Are Black?

Tucker Carlson: NFL Players Going ‘Out of Their Way’ To Show How Much They Hate America

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