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Andrew Sullivan: Best Thing For Obama Would Be To Lose The House

Basically, no one has any idea what is going to happen next week when the country goes to the polls for the Midterm elections. The Dems may lose the house but not the Senate, they may lose both, they may keep both. It’s really anyone’s game right now. And depending who you watch or read any or all of these scenarios may be both great and/or devastating to the Democrats and/or Republicans.

Andrew Sullivan happens to think that losing the House may be the best thing to happen to Obama. This is what he told Chris Matthews yesterday:

You say he’s paid a political price, but in his ratings he’s higher than Clinton was, the great politician of his time, he’s higher than Reagan was…this is normal. [Matthews: Would a massive loss in the House be a rebuke?] I don’t think it’s a direct rebuke to him, I think it’s a rebuke of the frustration of where the economy is, and I think, frankly, it’s the best thing that could happen to him. Because I think the one thing that is killing him is that Republicans can criticize, and criticize, and criticize but because they have no power and responsibility they don’t have to say what they would do.

That will presumably change if they win either the House or Senate.

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