Audio Reveals Fatal Encounter Leading to Michael Brown’s Death Took 90 Seconds


The St. Louis Post-Dispatch today released audio recordings of calls between Officer Darren Wilson and the Ferguson police dispatcher on the day of 18-year-old Michael Brown‘s death, revealing that the fatal encounter between the two took less than 90 seconds.

Brown’s death on August 9th sparked weeks of nationwide protests, civil unrest throughout St. Louis and Ferguson, and sparked widespread discussion about police brutality and race. The grand jury report is expected soon, and will determine whether Wilson will be charged with Brown’s death.

According to the records, obtained through the state’s Sunshine Laws, dispatch first reported a “stealing in progress” at 11:53 AM local time, accurately describing the strong-armed robbery Brown committed shortly before his death. Wilson, who was out responding to another call, called in at noon asking if they needed help. Two minutes later, he called for backup and asked for another car to come to his location. In between those two calls, Wilson had asked Brown and his friend, Dorian Johnson, to stop walking in the middle of the street. “They kept walking, and he then realized that Brown matched the description of the suspect in the stealing call,” the paper reported.

What happened next varies by witness accounts, but the Post-Dispatch recounted the contents of the call:

Forty-one seconds after Wilson’s call, unit 25 reported that he was about to arrive at Wilson’s location, saying he was “going out on Canfield” and accompanied by the sound of his racing engine.

Forty-eight seconds later, another officer had arrived or was about to, announcing, “22’s out.”

At 12:03 p.m., an eyewitness to the shooting Tweeted: “I JUST SAW SOMEONE DIE OMFG.”

If his smartphone’s clock, or Twitter’s, agreed with the clock on dispatch records, Brown was killed less than 61 seconds after the dispatcher acknowledged that Wilson had stopped two men.

The audio can be heard here.

The Post-Dispatch also obtained video footage of Wilson, two hours after the shooting, leaving the precinct headquarters for the hospital with his lawyer and a union representative. He returned two and a half hours later.

Watch the report from Fox news below:

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