Bob Weinstein Disputes WSJ Report That The Weinstein Co. May Be Sold or Shut Down

Early Friday, the Wall Street Journal reported through a source close to The Weinstein Company that the board of the Hollywood production powerhouse has been exploring a sale of shut down amid the Harvey Weinstein scandal.

On Friday afternoon, the disgraced film mogul’s brother — Weinstein Company co-founder Bob Weinstein — disputed the Journal‘s report.

“Our banks, partners and shareholders are fully supportive of our company and it is untrue that the company or board is exploring a sale or shutdown of the company,” Weinstein said in a statement (which can be seen in full below via Buzzfeed’s Adam B. Vary). Weinstein added, “Business is continuing as usual as the company moves ahead.”

Still, the rumors will undoubtedly continue. CNN’s Brian Stelter reports that The Weinstein Company board is slated to meet on Oct. 17. He also reports that the company is essentially in standstill, and industry observers expect the company to be dealing with lawsuits for years.

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