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Brad Pitt Teaches America How to Pronounce Selma Star’s Name via Singalong

The movie Selma is garnering intense debate for its depiction of the civil rights movement of 1963 and its portrayal of LBJ, but we’ll be damned if we can actually pronounce the name of its star, David Oyelowo.

Thank goodness Brad Pitt is here to help the crowd at the Palm Springs Film Festival, who was honoring Oyelowo with the Breakthrough Performance Award for playing Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Pitt, one of Selma‘s producers, was there to introduce Oyelowo to the crowd — and gave them some pronunciation pointers, via a very charming soccer chant.

“You know you’ve broken through when Brad Pitt sings your name!” Oyelowo said shortly afterwards, making this author wish Brad Pitt would somehow sing “Nguyen” and make 50 million people very happy.

(And really, what’s the likelihood that people in Palm Springs can pronounce the names of prominent British actors of Nigerian descent? New challenge to Pitt: teach them how to say Chiwetel Ejiofor.)

Watch below:

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