BuzzFeed Denied Credentials to Cover the Pope, Claims ‘Retaliation’

BuzzFeedBuzzFeed News has been denied credentials to cover Pope Francis‘ visit to the United States, and they say it’s because of “retaliation” against their unfavorable coverage.

Politico obtained a letter sent by BuzzFeed’s Washington Bureau Chief John Stanton to U.S. Catholic officials saying that the D.C. archdiocese has a “hostility” to BuzzFeed because of their reporter Lester Feder‘s coverage.

BuzzFeed reportedly received a general credential for the papal visit a while ago, but Stanton says that’s just a “glorified hall pass that provides access to a media filing center but no ability to actually cover the pope’s events.”

He believes this to be “retaliation” for coverage that the archdiocese “does not approve of.”

BuzzFeed News has been covering the Pope’s travels all week, and even today its news coverage was mixed in with a “Which Member Of The Pope’s Squad Are You?” quiz.

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