Christian Radio Knuckle-Dragger Bryan Fischer Rants Against Portman’s Gay Son, Likens Him To ‘Bank Robbers’

Christian Radio Host's Rant Compares Portman's Gay Son To 'Bank Robbers'

Let’s be honest: If conservatism wants to succeed in the 21st century, it really needs to shake off the evangelist wing that attached itself to the movement in the 1980s and poisoned its progress for decades. You should probably start with folks like American Family Association’s Bryan Fischer and the “let’s return to the days when premarital sex was punishable” Family Research Council types.

In the wake of Sen. Rob Portman (R-OH) announcing his son is gay and that he now supports same-sex marriage, Fischer took to Twitter to rant:

He then showed his true colors by likening the act of homosexuality to committing an armed robbery:

Let’s just think about that for a minute. Fischer believes two consenting adults engaged in homosexual activity is akin to people using coercive force against others at a bank. So… consensual adult relationship = violent crime? Wow. There’s no other word to describe this besides “moronic.”

But wait, there’s more. Fischer then went on to condemn Portman’s newfound “emotional” reasons for supporting same-sex marriage:

LOL, “reason.”

If there’s one thing people who legislate based on faith should realize, it’s that their policy prescriptions are absolutely not based on reason. Faith is the antithesis of reason. When you base government policy on homosexuality around a magical ancient text that tells you homosexuality is a stoneable offense, it’s laughable to suggest you have the “reason” edge in the debate.

Say "cheese"! You're on the wrong side of history.

The sad part is that one can actually view homosexuality as a “sin” and still be okay with same-sex marriage. Want to know why? Because government is not God. The state has no place legislating a religious moral code. If you truly believe gay people who love each other are going to burn in Hell or whatever, then let your God sort that out. Government’s duty is simply to protect people from coercion and fraud.

Despite how obnoxious Fischer’s idiocy may seem, know this: he is on the losing end of history.

As little as ten years from now, he and the FRC camp will be in the same boat as flat-earthers, racists, opponents of women’s suffrage, etc. In other words: most people will view them as a relic of the past; of a time when an influential group of theocrats actually believed homosexuality was like a violent crime. And we’ll all be able to laugh at such nonsense.

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