Bryan Fischer

From the Radical Religious Right, An Outpouring of Sympathy That Rings Hollow

The Most Apocalyptic Right-Wing Responses to SCOTUS Gay Marriage Ruling

Bryan Fischer Loses It over SCOTUS Ruling: This Is Our 9/11

Bryan Fischer Attacks Fox’s Guy Benson: ‘Gay Conservative Is an Oxymoron’

Evangelist Suspects Megyn Kelly Is Being ‘Blinded’ by Satan

Evangelist Bryan Fischer Clears the Air About His ‘Firing’

American Family Association Evangelist Bryan Fischer Has Been Fired, Maddow Reports

Top 5 Replacement Ideas for Fox’s Huckabee

Evangelist Has an Incredibly Insane Reason for Shep Smith’s Calm on Ebola

Christian Conservatives: SCOTUS’ Gay Marriage Punt Is Roe v. Wade Plus Dred Scott

Santorum: Make Secularism a Religion So We Can Ban It in Schools

Evangelist Explains Why God Hasn’t Struck Down Bill Maher Yet…

Grammys Will Feature Same-Sex Weddings—Or, if You’re Bryan Fischer, ‘Sodomy Based Ceremonies’

Conservative Radio Host: Founders Meant to Protect Only Christianity with 1st Amendment

Radio Host: Obama Was ‘Photoshopped’ Into Bin Laden Raid Situation Room Photo

Christian Radio Host To Voice Of Russia: Your Country Is ‘Not Homophobic, It’s Homo-realistic’

Twisted Logic: Christian Radio Host Says Gay Activists Should Support Russian Anti-Gay Laws

Right Wing Host Goes Off: Democrats Will Kick Obama To ‘Back Of The Bus’ For ‘White Person’ Hillary Clinton

R.I.P. BSA: 6 Typically Over-The-Top Christian Conservative Reactions To Boy Scouts Allowing Gay Kids

Alan Colmes Grills Evangelical Leader About His ‘Gay Impulses’: ‘I’m Not Going To Go There! Give It A Rest!’

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