CNN Political Analyst Slams Trump’s Puerto Rico Twitter Attacks: ‘It’s Not Human Behavior!’

President Donald Trump set this weekend’s news cycle when he began his Saturday by personally attacking the mayor of San Juan while adding that Puerto Rican hurricane victims expect everything to do done for them. Following his outrage-inducing tweetstorm, much of today’s cable news discussion was devoted to his comments.

In a CNN panel conversation today on Trump’s remarks, CNN political analyst Brian Karem lambasted the president for not only for his personal attacks on Carmen Yulin Cruz, but also for claiming the “Fake News” media is refusing to show the good job his administration is doing.

“And there are people on the ground, and instead of listening to what the people are saying on the ground, they’re accusing us of being fake news,” Karem declared. “They’ve gone after us. Don’t believe what your lying eyes tell you. Believe me. That’s a problem.”

CNN senior media correspondent Brian Stelter jumped in and noted that he disagreed a bit with Karem’s claim that this wasn’t “political,” stating that Trump had politicized this situation and blaming the media was part of that. He also added that Trump’s tweets aren’t “presidential behavior.”

“It’s not human behavior!” Karem exclaimed.

He continued, “I’m sorry. It’s just not human behavior. These people are suffering. Why don’t we get together and help them? It’s not right or left. It’s people. American people.”

Watch the clip above, via CNN.

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