comScore Ex-FEMA Director Michael Brown: ‘Stop Blaming Me for Hurricane Katrina’

Ex-FEMA Director Michael Brown: ‘Stop Blaming Me for Hurricane Katrina’

Remember Michael Brown? The ex-FEMA director who George W. Bush said did a “heckuva job” during Hurricane Katrina? Well, he’s tired of everyone blaming him for how the government responded to the natural disaster.

Brown has a piece for Politico Magazine today very bluntly titled “Stop Blaming Me for Hurricane Katrina.” Brown laments that to this day, he gets blamed for “things that I didn’t control at all.”

Being the director of FEMA at the time, Brown of course had to oversee the response, but he says there was just too much that had to be signed off on by higher-ups that wasn’t. He says he advocated for a drastic measure to evacuate New Orleans, but the federal government wasn’t able to act in time.

Brown points to other issues with the hurricane response he had serious issues with and says the blame should have gone to the elected leaders who failed to take care of their citizens. He said the media––Anderson Cooper specifically––was eager to be “out to get” him just to hold someone accountable.

He goes through the stress of dealing with hurricane relief while having the media make things up about him, as well as being brought before Congress to be lectured, and he has no problem saying they approached things in a “dumb” way.

Brown was also on Fox News today talking about the post-Katrina blame game. You can watch below:

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