‘F*ck Off!’: Comedian Jim Jefferies Tears Into Piers Morgan for Saying ‘There’s No Muslim Ban’

Towards the end of an already insane panel segment on Real Time with Bill Maher, mid-show interview guest Jim Jefferies and panelist Piers Morgan absolutely went after each others throats over Morgan insisting President Donald Trump’s travel ban wasn’t a Muslim ban.

“There is no Muslim ban,” Morgan said, only for Jefferies to immediately shoot back by exclaiming “Oh, f*ck off!”

Jefferies kept tossing f-bombs while yelling out that it was indeed a Muslim ban. Meanwhile, Morgan countered that this made his case about the hysteria surrounding Trump.

After Jefferies invoked Hitler and Nazi Germany, and Morgan criticized him for the characterization, things got personal.

“You just like that that you won The Apprentice and you have a famous friend,” Jefferies said to Morgan. The British journalist retorted by claiming Jefferies was losing his audience, leading to the Aussie comic flipping Morgan the bird.

After the show, Morgan took to Twitter to claim Jefferies made himself look “hysterical and silly.”

Watch the clip above, via HBO.

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