Fox News Pundit: ‘Keith Olbermann Clearly Runs MSNBC’ has a feature they call “Skype Gripe” in which two talking heads discuss news of the day from different political angles: Ellis Henican represents a left-of-center point of view and Jim Pinkerton comes from a right-of-center perspective. Today’s topic was the new Howard Kurtz Daily Beast report on the “war” between Keith Olbermann and MSNBC president Phil Griffin, a great piece filled with lots of interesting details.

It isn’t surprising that someone of Pinkerton’s background — he served on White House staffs of bother Ronald Reagan and George H. W. Bush — would be critical of Mr. Olbermann, and in the following clip he does not disappoint viewers looking for a good dig on the Countdown host. For his part, Henican mostly stays out of the fray, though he does point out that Olbermann does still drive big ratings numbers for MSNBC.

What’s more surprising is that Fox News would somehow get involved in this story about MSNBC, their cable network foe. True, this coverage was relegated to a measly Internet back-and-forth on Skype, but Fox News is typically loathe to mention Olbermann or MSNBC by name. Watch the segment from below:

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