#GamerGate Critic Accused of Being Paris Attacker in Fake Viral Photo


Following the coordinated attacks in Paris, a photo of one of the alleged ISIS terrorists went viral over the weekend. Not only was this not a photo of one of the Paris attackers, but it was an edited photo of Veerender Jabbal, an outspoken #GamerGate critic.

According to BuzzFeed, the altered image of Jabbal wearing a suicide vest and holding a Quran was circulated on a Twitter account that has since been suspended. Despite the account’s being shut down, the faulty photo quickly spread across social media. It was even picked up by several pro-ISIS channels, as well as several European news agencies.

veerender jubbal gamergate paris attacks photoshopped image from tweet

The original, unedited image was first posted back in August.

Not long after the photoshop went viral, Jubbal took notice when his Twitter notifications increased significantly. He then began tweeting about all the attention he was getting — from the press, from those he’d criticized in #GamerGate, and just about everyone else with a Twitter account.

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