Trump Declares the ISIS Caliphate Has Been Officially Defeated

Trump Brings Out a Map to Show How Much Territory ISIS Has Lost Since His Election

Pompeo on ‘ISIS Bride’ Hoda Muthana: ‘She’s Not a U.S. Citizen, She’s Not Coming Back’

WATCH: ABC’s David Muir Obtains Footage of Taliban Raid, Interviews Top U.S. General in Afghanistan

Pentagon Memo Reportedly Warns ISIS Can Regain Territory Within Months After US Forces Leave Syria

Trump Contradicts Himself, Administration on ISIS and North Korea in Morning Tweetstorm

Ex-US Envoy Brett McGurk: ‘ISIS Is Not Defeated’

Fox’s Brian Kilmeade Hits Trump After US Troops Killed in Syria Bombing: ‘Clearly’ ISIS is Not Dead

Morning Joe Rips Mike Pence Over ‘Bush League,’ Poorly-Timed Declaration ISIS is ‘Defeated’

Fox News Correspondent Jennifer Griffin: Senior Foreign Diplomat Says ISIS Attack ‘Direct Result’ of Trump’s Syria Announcement

Graham Interrupts Barr Hearing With Message to Trump After Suicide Bombing in Syria: You ‘Set in Motion Enthusiasm by the Enemy’

Mike Pence Says ‘ISIS Has Been Defeated’ Hours After Deadly Bombing Kills American Troops

U.S. Troops Dead After ISIS-Claimed Suicide Bomb in Manjib, Syria Caught on Video

Outgoing Anti-ISIS Envoy Wishes Colleagues Well ‘As They Work Under Extremely Difficult Circumstances’

Trump Hits Back At ‘Failed Generals’ Who Were ‘Unable To Do The Job’ Over Syria Withdrawal

CNN’s Don Lemon: Despite Trump Claim, ‘ISIS Has Not Been Defeated, and the Pentagon Brass Knows It’

Trump Speaks to Troops in Iraq: ISIS ‘Not So Dominant Anymore’

Gen. James Clapper: ‘Appalling Arrogance’ for Trump to Say He Knows More About ISIS than the Generals

Mulvaney Suggests Trump Didn’t Know ISIS ‘Point Person’ McGurk Because He Doesn’t ‘Follow This Topic’

Putin Endorses U.S. Withdrawal From Syria as Trump Claims Russia is ‘Not Happy About’ It

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