John Ziegler on HLN: Trump a ‘Draft-Dodger’ Using ‘Phony Patriotism’ for Political Gain

On the issue of protests in the NFL, it has become difficult for anyone not to take sides with either President Donald Trump or former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick. But leave it to Mediaite columnist John Ziegler to find a way not to back either — as he thinks both men are acting like phonies who are using patriotism to hide their true agenda.

Appearing on HLN Monday, the anti-Trump conservative railed against Trump, and referenced his tenure as a USFL owner to suggest that his real motivation with his latest rhetoric on the Anthem protests is to exact revenge on the NFL.

“Donald Trump is a complete fraud on this,” Ziegler said. “And the media’s missing one of the biggest issues of all. He is a former USFL owner who has a vendetta for decades against the NFL. He is using fake patriotism to attack the National Football League.”

Ziegler added:

“This guy, who is a draft dodger, who mocks John McCain as the wrong type of war hero, is using fake patriotism to gin up his cult-like base to attack the NFL in a clear vendetta!”

But Trump was not the only target of Ziegler’s ire. The conservative columnist also blasted Colin Kaepernick — claiming his stated reasons of protest, fighting racial and social injustice, are not his true motives.

“Colin Kaepernick is also a fraud!” Ziegler said. “His whole protest is a fraud! He did this because he thought it was going to save his job as a San Francisco 49er quarterback. He’s not in the NFL because he stinks! Not because of a fake protest he created.”

Watch above, via HLN.

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