Listen: ‘Stuttering John’ Prank Call Actually Gets to Trump on Air Force One


Reaching out and touching someone may be easier than it should be, if the host of “The Stuttering John” podcast, John Melendez is any indication. The prankster was able to get President Donald Trump on the phone for his podcast, and it wasn’t too difficult.

In fact, he got the President to call him.

From Air Force One.


Show host John Melendez, formerly of Howard Stern‘s radio show, pulled off this gag by pretending to be Sen. Bob Menendez (D-NJ). Somehow, he was put through from the switchboard, then told the President will call him back. Sure enough, the President did indeed call him back from Air Force One.

There are two relevant portions of the audio. The first is John making the initial phone calls to and through the White House switchboard. Part two, which starts at about 11:54 in the clip above, is when they come back on the show with a recording from President Trump’s return phone call.

Trump congratulated “Menendez,” presumably for the mistrial back in November, in a case where he faced charges of faced charges of conspiracy, bribery, and abuse of power.

“Congratulations on everything. We’re proud of you. Congratulations, great job,” said Trump. “You went through a tough, tough situation, and I don’t think a very fair situation, but congratulations.”

The President then talks about immigration, pitching the idea of a compromise.

“I think we could do a real immigration bill. We have to have security at the border, we have to have it,” President Trump told the podcast host. “I mean, look, we’ve got, sixty percent of the country, they have to have security at the border. And that’s a good issue for the democrats, too, Bob. It’s not like, its good for you or good for me. it’s good for both of us.”

The talked as well about Trump’s rally in North Dakota and the Supreme Court appointment.

At the end of the call, the fake Sen. Menendez said to the President “Baba Booey to you.”

There’s more info and background in the full podcast from “The Stuttering John” show, here.

The White House has no official statement, but Politico’s Annie Karni reports they “have been scrambling this morning to figure out how this happened.”

“This is how easy it is to infiltrate the administration,” said Melendez.

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