Maryland Dem Gubernatorial Candidate Ben Jealous Drops F-Bomb in Response to Reporter’s Socialism Question


On Wednesday, Maryland’s Democratic nominee for governor Ben Jealous dropped the f-bomb when asked a question by a Washington Post reporter.

It happened when, after he shot down claims made by Republicans that he’s a socialist, WaPo reporter Erin Cox asked directly if he identified with the term “socialist.”

Jealous replied, “Are you f-cking kidding me?”

The profane response got an immediate reaction from his opponent and Republicans.

“The governor believes in raising the level of political discourse in our state and in our country, and cursing at reporters asking questions is the exact opposite of that,” Hogan campaign spox Doug Mayer said after the incident. “We need more people in public office who understand that words and tone matter, not fewer — we already have plenty who don’t in Washington, D.C.”

The communications director for the Republican Governors Association, Jon Thompson, also weighed in.

Jealous has since apologized for his remark.

“I want to apologize to @ErinatThePost for my inappropriate language in response to her question earlier today,” Jealous wrote on Twitter. “As a former journalist, I know how important it is for a free society to respect reporters and answer their questions honestly.”

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