Orrin Hatch Snaps at Female Kavanaugh Protester: ‘When You Grow Up, I’ll be Ready’

Matt Damon Plays Raging Beer Bro Brett Kavanaugh in SNL Cold Open

Watch Trump Repeatedly Interrupt Female Reporter After She Questions Him About Message He’s Sending to Women

WATCH: Pompeo Responds to NY Times Rosenstein Bombshell

WATCH: Trump Vows to Get Rid of ‘Lingering Stench’ at Department of Justice

WATCH: Transformer Explodes Dangerously Close to Fox Business Reporter During Live Shot

WATCH: Elton John Pays Tribute to Mac Miller During Opening Show of Farewell Tour

WATCH: Serena Williams Has Explosive Confrontation With Umpire at US Open, Twitter Melts Down

Nicolle Wallace Offers to Hook Trump’s Inner Circle Up to Polygraphs to See if They Really Think He’s Fit for Office

WATCH: Trump Can’t Say ‘Anonymous’

Jeanine Pirro to Jeff Sessions: ‘Put on Your Big Boy Pants’ or Resign

Bill Clinton Pays Moving Tribute to Aretha Franklin: ‘She Has Sung for America’

Andrew Cuomo Battles Cynthia Nixon Over NY Subways in Fiery Gov Debate: She ‘Lives in the World of Fiction’

Omarosa Has No Regrets About Situation Room Tape: ‘I Had to Protect Myself’ From the Lies

Sarah Sanders on Omarosa’s New Book: ‘SAD!’

Laura Ingraham Responds to Demographics Controversy, Disavows White Nationalists, ‘Racist Freak’

In Wild CNN Interview, Spike Lee Wears ‘God Protect Robert Mueller’ Shirt, Calls Trump ‘Agent Orange’

Laura Ingraham Condemned For Segment on U.S. ‘Demographic Changes’: It’s the ‘Swan Song of White Nationalism’

GOP Rep. Chris Collins Responds to ‘Meritless’ Charges in Presser, Says He’s Still Running For Reelection

Maryland Dem Gubernatorial Candidate Ben Jealous Drops F-Bomb in Response to Reporter’s Socialism Question

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