Melania Trump Spox Responds to Michelle Obama: First Lady Gets Her Advice From White House


Stephanie Grisham, press secretary for Melania Trump, had a dispute with CNN reporter Kate Bennett on Monday in terms of whether she was offended by Michelle Obama offering to give her successor advice on how to contend with the stresses of being First Lady.

Obama gave an interview to ABC’s Robin Roberts on Sunday as part of her promotional campaign for her new memoir, Becoming. During this chat, Roberts recalled how Laura Bush promised to make herself available if Obama ever needed any advice during her husband’s presidency, and Obama said that she used a portion of her new book to say that she made the same offer to Mrs. Trump.

The thing is, Obama says Trump has never taken up the offer.

CNN’s Kate Bennett asked the First Lady’s press office about this, and she received a statement from Grisham swatting down Obama’s offer.

Bennett also noted that Mrs. Trump apparently sought out Bush’s advice at one point, but not Obama’s.

Shortly after Bennett’s tweet went out, Grisham responded by contesting her description of the exchange.

Bennett soon walked back her characterization, posting an explanation on Twitter along with a more neutral recollection of her first exchange with Grisham.

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