Michelle Obama

Fox & Friends Spends 78 Solid Seconds Complimenting Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama Shows Up at the Grammy Awards; Audience Promptly Lose Their Sh*t

Barack and Michelle Obama Are Gallup Poll’s Most Admired Man and Woman in 2018

Michelle Obama Floors Jimmy Fallon With 2 Words on Leaving White House to Trump: ‘Bye, Felicia!’

Fox News Whines About Report on Melania’s Hair. They’ve Called Michelle Obama a Fat ‘Baby-Mama’

Melania Trump’s Poll Numbers Plummet Double-Digits Since October

WATCH: George W. Bush Passes Candy to Michelle Obama at Funeral

Michelle Obama Gets Frank About Women ‘Leaning In’: ‘That Sh-t Doesn’t Work All the Time’

Michelle Obama: Voters Must ‘Figure Out What Kind of Moral Leadership’ We Demand in the White House

Michelle Obama’s Becoming Sells More Than 725,000 Copies in One Day, On Track to Be 2018’s Best Seller

Michelle Obama on Melania Trump Getting Staffer Fired: Didn’t Happen ‘Once’ While I Was There

Michelle Obama Reads Things She Couldn’t Say as First Lady on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Michelle Obama On Hillary 2020: ‘At This Point, Everybody’s Qualified and Everybody Should Run’

Melania Trump Spox Responds to Michelle Obama: First Lady Gets Her Advice From White House

Lawrence O’Donnell: Media Deserves Blame for Failing to Confront Trump’s ‘Foundational Lie’ of Birtherism

Fox News’ Ed Henry: Michelle Obama ‘Has Every Right to Be Angry’ at Trump for Birther Conspiracy

Trump Fires Back After Michelle Obama Says She Won’t Forgive His Birtherism: I Won’t Forgive Barack

Michelle Obama Reveals She Suffered a Miscarriage 20 Years Ago

Michelle Obama: I’ll ‘Never Forgive’ Trump For ‘Crazy and Mean-Spirited’ Birther Conspiracy

Michelle Obama: Trump’s Message is ‘I Can Hurt You and Get Away With It’

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