MLB Umpire Gets ROASTED After Blowing Three Calls in the First Four Innings of Red Sox-Yankees Playoff Game

As any New York Mets fan (including this author) can attest, Angel Hernandez has been the worst umpire in baseball since just about forever. Amazingly, he just might be in the midst of the most disastrous night of his far from distinguished career. And as a result, the longtime ump is getting absolutely lit up on Twitter.

The Michelangelo of blown calls managed to whiff on three plays in first four innings of Monday night’s American League Division Series game between the New York Yankees and the Boston Red Sox. All three calls were overturned on instant replay. (Two others were challenged, but upheld upon review.)

We posted the first missed call above. Here’s the second:

And the third was truly egregious:

Yankees and Red Sox fans are, of course, nothing if not patient and understanding…

Actually, no. They’re not that at all. Here’s what they, and other observers, have had to say about Hernandez’s less than stellar game:

Incredibly, Hernandez will be the home plate umpire for Tuesday night’s Game 4. That should go well.

Watch the lowlights of Angel Hernandez’s tough night above, via TBS.

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