Nobody Puts Baby In The Congress: Debate Moderator Not Allowed To Call Paul Ryan ‘Congressman’

Heading into tonight’s vice-presidential debate, viewers might be perplexed when they hear moderator Martha Raddatz referring to Republican running mate Rep. Paul Ryan as “Mr. Ryan,” rather than “Congressman Ryan.”

But during MSNBC’s pre-debate coverage, anchor Rachel Maddow revealed that, among the more standard debate rules, the Romney campaign negotiated a rule preventing Raddatz from calling Congressman Ryan “Congressman,” just one of several things Ryan doesn’t want to be accurately called.

“One of the ground rules negotiated for tonight’s debate,” Rachel said, “is that Martha Raddatz is apparently not supposed to call Paul Ryan ‘Congressman Ryan. The Romney/Ryan campaign negotiated for him to be called Mr., not Congressman, Ryan, at least by the moderator. His opponent, Vice President Biden, can presumably call Paul Ryan anything he wants, and he probably will.”

We’ll see about that.

Here’s the video, from MSNBC:

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