Oliver Responds to Harsh YouTube Comments in Newest Last Week Tonight Segment

While HBO’s Last Week Tonight may not have aired a new episode on Sunday, the show has been diligent about releasing web-exclusive clips during their off-weeks, presumably just to give us here at Mediaite something to write about first thing Monday morning. And last night’s web segment didn’t disappoint, as host John Oliver tackled a barrage of “Fan Mail,” though as he clarified at the beginning of the segment, “As always our fan mail comes in the form of YouTube comments: the most cogent, written argument for never learning how to read.”

With such a strong digital presence — the Last Week Tonight channel on YouTube boasts 3.6 million subscribers — Oliver had lots of commentary to choose from. Everything ranging from, “John Oliver looks like a mix of a Pokemon and a child molester,” to the more appreciative “John Oliver has nice eyebrows,” was included in this week’s Fan Mail.

“Many people who have tried to insult me on YouTube have badly missed the mark,” Oliver admitted, before revealing a handful of lame commentary that he skewered with precision. The comedian even went as far as to feature one particular comment after being dared that he wouldn’t show it in exchange for — and I quote — “a zillion dollars.”

Watch the above clip via Last Week Tonight‘s YouTube page.

[image via screengrab]

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