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John Oliver

John Oliver Slams Tucker Carlson: ‘A Successful Nation Can Produce Some Truly Failed Human Beings’

The Hypocrisy of ‘Pro-Life’ Anti-Vaxxers

‘What The F*ck Was That?!’ John Oliver Reacts to Trump’s Explanation of ‘Tapes’ Tweet

John Oliver: ‘Trump Needs to Stop Lying to Coal Miners!’

John Oliver: ‘Even Fox News Was Struggling to Spin’ Comey Hearing

Eric Bolling Mocks John Oliver for ‘Being Stuck on Stupid’ Over London Terror Reaction

‘Three Monumental A**holes!’ John Oliver Defiant After London Terror

‘Prisoners of Conformity’: Tucker Carlson Rails Against Kathy Griffin and ‘Unfunny’ Liberal Comics

‘Just Ridiculous’: John Oliver Slams Fox News, Tucker Carlson and Jesse Watters Over Trump Coverage

‘I Call Turbo Bullsh*t’: John Oliver Shares His Thoughts on James Comey

John Oliver Superfans Crash FCC Website in Show of Support for Net Neutrality

‘You Fu*ked Up!’ Watch John Oliver Slam House GOP After Health Care Vote

‘The Apple Does Not Fall Far From the Orange’: John Oliver Rants Against Jared and Ivanka

‘Throat Cutting Savages’: Geraldo Responds to John Oliver

John Oliver to Geraldo: ‘Fu*k You … I Hope Your Mustache Gets Caught in a Box Fan’

John Oliver Tries to Place Anti-Sexual Harassment Ad During O’Reilly Factor

John Oliver Issues Warning After Trump Syria Strike: Everyone Should be ‘Very Worried’

‘Stupid Watergate’: John Oliver Unloads on Devin Nunes Scandals

‘I Don’t Speak Fluent Toddler Psychopath’: John Oliver Attempts to Explain Trump Budget

So Unpopular It’s ‘The Ted Cruz of Healthcare Legislation’: John Oliver Rips GOP Health Plan

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