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John Oliver Blasts Hollywood’s Complicity For Weinstein’s Behavior: ‘What The F**k?’

John Oliver Weighs In On The Harvey Weinstein Sex Scandal: ‘Your Excuse Isn’t An Excuse!’

John Oliver Celebrates Trump’s Impeachment Prematurely After Catching Him in a Lie: ‘We Got Him!’

John Oliver on Trump/NFL Feud: ‘When You’ve Lost The Moral High Ground to Roger F**king Goodell…’

#DCPublicSchools Trends on Twitter After John Oliver Asks Emmy Viewers To Make It Happen

John Oliver: It’s Ironic That Trump Is Against DREAMers Because He’s ‘Clearly Out of His F**king Mind!’

John Oliver to Melissa Francis: If You Hate Being Judged For Defending Trump, ‘Stop F**king Doing It!’

Last Week Tonight‘s Twitter Account Appears To Have Been Hacked

John Oliver on Charlottesville: Trump ‘Threw an Airball So Far Away, Landed in the Third Reich’

John Oliver: Stephen Miller’s ‘Truly One of the Most Revolting Humans I’ve Ever Seen’

John Oliver Ridicules Alex Jones Over His InfoWars Products: ‘QVC For Conspiracy’

Stephen Colbert and John Oliver Insult Each Other’s Presidential Wax Figures

John Oliver Slams Tucker Carlson: ‘A Successful Nation Can Produce Some Truly Failed Human Beings’

The Hypocrisy of ‘Pro-Life’ Anti-Vaxxers

‘What The F*ck Was That?!’ John Oliver Reacts to Trump’s Explanation of ‘Tapes’ Tweet

John Oliver: ‘Trump Needs to Stop Lying to Coal Miners!’

John Oliver: ‘Even Fox News Was Struggling to Spin’ Comey Hearing

Eric Bolling Mocks John Oliver for ‘Being Stuck on Stupid’ Over London Terror Reaction

‘Three Monumental A**holes!’ John Oliver Defiant After London Terror

‘Prisoners of Conformity’: Tucker Carlson Rails Against Kathy Griffin and ‘Unfunny’ Liberal Comics

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