PBS Defends ‘Palinese’ Segment Mocking Sarah Palin


Who’d have guessed. Apparently some PBS watchers are also Sarah Palin supporters. Or at least Sarah Palin sympathizers. Comedian Andy Borowitz, in his short, funny segment that appears at the end of Jon Meacham‘s ‘Need to Know’ PBS news show, this week made fun of Sarah Palin. Specifically he mocked her ‘Palinese’ and speculated what the country would look like when she became president in 2012, per the ‘Mayan Prophecy Weekly’.

Her first official act will be to cancel the agreement between nouns and verbs. Next, she’s replace the English language with Palinese….Word number one: “mitteracy.” “Mitteracy” means the ability to read off one’s hand. Word number two: “rignorance.” “Rignorance” means advocating deep-water drilling in the aftermath of an ecological disaster that killed thousands of pelicans. And finally, “mooseacre.” “Mooseacre” means a really fun day in the great outdoors. That’s our lesson in Palinese for today. Now, you may be wondering: Where does Sarah Palin find all these new words of hers? In a little book called the fictionary.

Turns out that even though Alison Stewart and Meacham can be heard laughing in the background some viewers didn’t find it so funny. The segment received over 600 comments — meaning if nothing else, PBS has discovered that Palin is a reliable traffic generator — and a number of people were not pleased. Said PBS ombudsman Michael Getler: “Palin’s new word was all over the media and fair game.” Watch the segment below.

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