Sarah Palin

Ten Years Ago, I Did an Interview with Sarah Palin. Sadly, It Helped Pave Trump’s Path to the Presidency

Sarah Palin (Yes, That Sarah Palin) Mocks Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez for ‘Fumbling Basic Civics’

Sarah Palin Furious After Instagram Meme of Son Disappears: I Was Censored by a ‘Candy-A** PC-Policing Snowflake’

Katie Couric Says Hierarchy at Every Major News Network is Male, Misses Major Exception: Fox News

Former McCain Campaign Aides Nicolle Wallace, Steve Schmidt Reportedly Not Invited to His Funeral

Sarah Palin Not Expected to Attend McCain Memorial, Per NBC News

Showtime Exec Hints Sacha Baron Cohen’s Sarah Palin Interview Might Not Air

Gun Store Owner Tells Fox & Friends How He Thwarted Sacha Baron Cohen Prank: ‘He Just Looked Stupid’

Showtime Says Sacha Baron Cohen Never Pretended to Be Disabled Vet, Despite Sarah Palin’s Claim

Fox News’ Howard Kurtz: Sacha Baron Cohen’s Palin Interview ‘Appalling,’ He Crossed a Line

Joe Walsh Explains How He Was Duped By Sacha Baron Cohen Into Talking About Arming Pre-Schoolers

Sarah Palin: Watch Sacha Baron Cohen’s Show to See How ‘Middle Class Americans Are Mocked’

Roy Moore Says He Was Also Duped By Sacha Baron Cohen: I Will ‘Defend My Honor’

A Disguised Sacha Baron Cohen Trolls Sarah Palin: ‘I Did NOT Say I Was a War Vet’

Sarah Palin Says She Was ‘Duped’ by Sacha Baron Cohen

Glenn Beck Says Red Hen Owner Has ‘Every Right’ to her ‘Moral Stance’

Sarah Palin Says McCain Claiming He Regrets Choosing Her as VP is ‘Like a Perpetual Gut-Punch’

Check Out Sarah Palin Blatantly Shilling For ‘Skinny Tea’ On Instagram: ‘My New Coffee Replacement’

Van Jones Asks Meghan McCain if Her Father Choosing Sarah Palin as Running Mate Led to Trump

Sarah Palin’s Son Jailed After Attacking Gun-Toting Father

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