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Poll: Apathetic Federal Employees Lose $18 Billion in Productivity Per Year

A Gallup poll released yesterday revealed that federal employees are ever so slightly less engaged with their work than their private sector counterparts, which adds up.

Engaged employees are important, as they “work with passion and feel a profound connection to their company[,] drive innovation and move the organization forward”, according to Gallup. The data indicates that the lack of engagement is fairly similar to that of the average, non-government worker:

Eh, whatever, that’s not that many percentage points; how much could that possibly

With over two million federal employees, this lack of engagement is costing the federal government an estimated $18 billion in lost productivity annually, or approximately $9,000 per employee.


Those federal government employees who are Actively Disengaged, combined with those employees who are Not Engaged, translates into 11% lost productivity across the government, according to a Gallup analysis. This suggests that nearly $9,000 of the average $78,467 federal employee salary is not producing benefits for the agency or the general public.

Okay that is a lot of salary.

And even more (or maybe less) surprising, levels of “whatever, I don’t give a damn” increase with age:

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